The architectural firm Christoforos Kardakis and partners was founded, with its present composition and structure, in 1999 as the continuation of 1990’s Studio A+A.

Architecture, design and interior architecture are the core sectors of activity. Housing projects, town or vacation residences, hotels, business premises, office buildings, interior decorating, restorations and renovations as well as special projects such as the projection of archeological sites and furniture/object design are undertaken.

The head offices are placed in Corfu, but also in Athens where the main amount of assignments take place. Furthermore its activities expand in other places of Greece like main land Greece, Aegean and Ionian Islands autonomous or collaboration on sight, giving specific emphasis in constant and careful surveillance of projects.

grafeio2grafeio2The firm, apart from its fully qualified partners, collaborates with other professionals specialized in space anthropology, environment, energy systems, special lightening and applications, landscape design etc. to make sure that the projects meet the necessary standards.

The needs, goals and dreams of the client-user are always filtered and completed with great respect through the notions of historical consistency and memory, territorial morphology, in-between spaces, transparency as well as economy.

Elements like natural light, water, natural materials, climate, which create emotions, and the relations of volume, constitute the architectural planning suggested by the firm. Complete studies are offered which lead to the realization of projects that meet the highest standards as far as energy and construction are concerned.

All the above, combined with constant briefing concerning the latest international development in architecture and research of new materials and applications, help the architectural creation to be in high and up to date standards.