The team

Christoforos Kardakis

Chief Architect

Christoforos Kardakis was born in Corfu.

He studied Architecture in the Polytechnic School of Torino Italy with distinguished architects as teachers such as Castiglioni, Gabbetti, Isola and others, where he graduated gaining ‘excellent’ grade in 1982. He attended post-graduate studies in technical urban planning in the Polytechnic School of Milan and collaborated with the Polytechnic school of Torino in architectural composition.

The same period of time he starts his professional activities in Italy in permanent collaboration with companies Inventione (Torino), Architecnical (Torino) in architectural and restoration issues, interior spaces, furniture and object design. He designs projects for FIAT AUTO, ‘La Stampa’ newspaper, Aeritalia, Torino municipality among others.

He returns to Greece in 1990 and establishes STUDIO A+A together with architect Arsenis Rigas in Corfu. In 1999 establishes the office Christoforos A.Kardakis & partners based in Corfu and Athens, carrying out projects in the rest parts of Greece regarding all the above creativity fields.

He stood out in Greek architectural contests (Gazi – Athens, open-air market, Old Fortress – Corfu, etc.) and in Art exhibitions where he exposed/presented works of metal and installations like ‘the box without time’ (HAVANI gallery and others).

He used to be member of scientific committees and boards (architectural control committee, municipal urban committees, architectural association, etc.) His projects, which are mainly in the field of private housing and design, are at times published in several magazines in Greece and abroad.

Konstantina Kousta


Born in Athens.
Architect. Studied Architecture in Greenwich University and completed
Postgraduate Diploma in Architecture in South Bank University of London.
Permanent office partner since 2004.

Maria Grammenou


Born in Corfu.
Interior space architect. Studied in Principal School and completed
her studies in Greenwich University, specialized in digital design.
Permanent office partner since 1999.

Giannis Spiggos

Civil Engineer

Born in Corfu.
Civil engineer. Studied in University of Wales, Swansea.
Post graduate studies in the same University in issues of finite
elements techniques and specialized in hyperbolic grid generation.
TEE member since 2005.
Permanent office partner since 2005.


Visual 3D Expert

Born in Corfu.
Studied in interior space architecture, digital art and design, Vakalo School.
Specialized in 3d design software, photorealism, land mapping, image
development/management, film montage and multimedia DVD organization.
Permanent office partner since 2001.

Thodoris Dimitropoulos


Born in Thessaloniki.
Studied Electrical Engineer in TEI of Kavala And Architecture in University Of Thessaloniki.
Permanent office partner.

Antonis Kotsonis

Electrical Engineer

Electronic engineer (1977) University of Patras, Msc. Electronic Engineer (1979) Aston University of Birmingham, Lic. Phil I Social Anthropology & Psychology (1993) University of Zurich and Tutor of Anthropologic History (2000) in Ionian university. He develops SW Risk Management for Zurich Financial and teaches Social Anthropology and computer engineering in Ionian University. Special colleague in space anthropology issues.

Victoria Martini

Interior Decorator

Born in Corfu.
Interior decoration consultant, including marketing and public relations
with professional experience in Greek and foreign areas.
Studied in the University of Rome.
Permanent office partner since 2003.

Spyros Kourkoulos

Civil Engineer

Born in Corfu.

Civil Engineer. Studied at TEI Pireaus
Permanent office partner.